Clash Royale Cards

There are 5 Cards in Clash Royale MOD APK  which help to make the game challenging and intersting. Clash Royale APK Cards are used to win battle.

  1. Mega Knight
  2. The Flying Machine
  3. Skeleton Barrel
  4. The Cannon Cart
  5. Pure Royale

Using these cards you are able to attack your opponents. As well as you can  gain unlimited gems, unlimited gold, and unlimited elixir. Using these cards You can unlock everything.

Clash Royale Private Server has more versions which  provide more opportunity to the users to get more gold, more elixir, and many much more .

Pure clash Royale Apk Cards is the most popular version of Clash Royale Which has many extra features. Using this version you can make barbarians, new tombstone and get elixir collector which gives you unlimited elixir to win more.

Everything is unlocked. Each royale has specific features with life points, attack distances, deployment times, speed, and many more. You are able to design troops strategically with your own skills in this version. Every royale has its specific features with many more life points. So you can attack distances and win battles . Every thing is unlocked in these Modded versions of Clash of Royale APK

In edition to these 5 Pure Royale cards you have one more card which is named mega knight private server. In this card composition you have new characters that are a Mega knight, Nasty Frosty, Magic PEKKA, and many more.

Clash Royal Top Cards
  Clash Royal Top Cards

This card has an infinite number of resources and custom mods. So you can get everything free of cost and this is also secured. This is also interesting. This game is set in a persistent world and a fantasy theme where the player is a chief of a village.

Clash Royale APK tasks players to build their own town, train troops using the resources gained from attacking any of another user to earn gold, elixir and dark elixir. In this game, you can customize the base.

Challenges appear and can be done by members of a Clan. Completing each Challenge totally free to play, only play to win, and major plus point is everything will be under your control.

All characters are like Clash Royale APK that are A Barbarian, An Archer, Goblins, Gaint, A Wall Breaker, Ballon, Wizard, P.E.K.K.A, Healer, Dragon, Minor, Minion, Valkyrie, Golem, Witch, and Lava Hound, each character is tremendous.

Another great card is Flying Machine card. It is not free. You can buy it to have 4 elixir cost. The flying machine has excellent features. It is great for defending. Using this you can defeat the spawners. It has long range. It has 11 levels. Its deploy time is 1 second.

It has Cannon card is also very popular card but it is not free. A cannon card cost is 5 Elixir to deploy. Its deploy time is 1 second. This card is enough health to survive when cannon card broke it has only 20 second lifetime. Cannon card will be strong if you engaged with a graveyard that will provide you fast speed and high hit points. It is used to drop the buildings. And it has 8 levels.

Skeleton Barrel is also the very interesting card for Royale lovers. Its cost is 3 elixir. It is used to unlocked Builders Workshop. Its deploy time is 1 second. It is used to damage the tower even when it is sent alone. The skeleton Barrel’s death damaged combined with a zap will take out Goblins and Minions. It has 13 levels and has a lot of new features that make the user enhance their experience.

These characters are like Clash of light that are Barbarian, Archer, Goblin, Gaint, A Wall Breaker, Ballon, Wizard, PEKKA, Healer, Dragons, Minor and many more. All these characters are tremendous. The theme of this game is very fantasy. Every version of this game is fully tremendous.

If you are tired from restrictions and rules and fewer resources of the official server of Clash of Clans then you should play Clash of Royale with freedom. There are no limitations. You can get unlimited resources, thousands of gold, unlimited elixir, millions of dark elixir, customize the kingdom according to your own choice and new troops with unlimited resources to play and you can amaze your friends.

You can build your own clans, your own empire, and battle with any clans. You can get all of the thing free of cost and this is also secured.

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